Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On spam and publicity

As one transitions later in the world of academia from naive, newly minted junior professor to slightly older but still naive junior professor, the opportunities for service become quite numerous. Recently, I have served / am serving as the track chair or publicity chair for several conferences. After having surveyed the landscape for various lists, I have several definite preferences. Keep in mind that this is network-centric and individual experiences may vary.

- The DB World and ACM SIGOPS method are very, very cool. Plug in conference info into a web form and voila, instant posting at an easy to recall location.

- The WTC form is not a bad outlet with the web output being checked before being sent out. This is nice but the form needs a bit of work as it could very easily send out multiple copies.

- The good old standby of tccc is slowly getting over run with everyone and their brother advertising Calls for Papers. Being a member of the list and being in the position of track chair and publicity chair, I have seen things from every angle. Not getting enough papers or getting nervous, one more CFP into the void. *sigh* yet another CFP from that same conference, yeesh.

There is a fairly cool effort that my recent spamming on lists as publicity chair for a conference must solicited an e-mail, WikiCFP. Looks cool and yes, we will be posting our conference there too.

PS For any publicity chairs in the networking area, send me a note and I can give you a definite run-down of pretty much all of the major mailing lists :)

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