Friday, November 5, 2010

Tweaking TWiki

Spent way too long tracking down this issue. Long story short is that I recently upgraded my version of TWiki from one of the Cairo iterations (4.2) to the latest and greatest (5.0.1).

It went off mostly without a hitch except that it borked attachments giving the following error:

Can't locate object method "binmode" via package "IO::File

Doh, not cool. After a whole lot of digging (my grep skills are non-existent), I finally tracked down the offender in Basically, they had patched upload but forgot about the lowly of us still using Perl 5.8.8.

A quick tweak out of the OO world:

sub handle {
my $fh = new IO::File( $_[0]->{tmpname}, '<' ); binmode $fh if ($fh ); # $fh->binmode if( $fh );
return $fh;

and voila, life is good again.

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