Sunday, August 12, 2012


I am currently out in Helsinki this week for SIGCOMM 2012, specifically to present our paper on WiFi offloading at the CellNet 2012 workshop.  It has been just over ten years since I was last in Helsinki for ICC 2001.  I am really looking forward to the CellNet workshop as our paper is probably one of the better ones that we have done in a while in terms of the utility of the results.  Perhaps not our finest writing but the results are quite profound for carriers when debating how much gain they will see for WiFi offloading.

As such, I am going to try do my best to put up impressions of several of the best and perhaps not so great papers / posters / demos from the four days of workshops and posters that I will be attending.  One odd paper on Wednesday on MIMO by Katabi out of MIT.  SIGCOMM seems a very odd place for such a paper though and I will be curious to see how much of a systems-ish focus there is in the paper versus an EE / PHY layer focus.

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